The Bracco Italiano is an ancient breed hailing from Italy, hence the name.

In fact, they are also known as Italian Pointer.

The breed first appeared in frescoes and texts from as early as the fourth and fifth century BCE.

Later, they were bred by the Gonzaga and Medici families and then bought by aristocrats and royal families .

It’s possible that this breed may be the ancestor to European pointer breeds, as they were often gifted to noble families in France and Spain.

It’s believed that the white and orange dogs hailed from Piedmont, and they were smaller in stature to better navigate the mountain areas, while the white and chestnut roan dogs were bred in Lombardy, which has more lowland and marshes.

Bracco Italiano were bred as hunting dogs with the purpose of driving  birds into nets and flushing game for falconers.

After guns were introduced into the hunting world, the dogs were then trained to point and retrieve.

Bracco Italiano dogs make for loving and well-trained family members as long as they are given plenty of mental stimulation and physical exercise.